Install a New Operating System for Your Mind that Illuminates the Full Spectrum of Your Potentials & Helps You Actualize the Greatest Possible Version of Yourself

Install a New Operating System for Your Mind that Illuminates the Full Spectrum of Your Potentials to Actualize the Greatest Possible Version of Yourself

Experience the life changing 10-part online training 
with world-renowned author, teacher and contemporary philosopher, Ken Wilber.

“Ken Wilber is a teacher of the teachers. His work is fundamental. Who among us can really take a serious role (in our individual and collective evolution) who are not familiar with his work?”

The Good News Is That If You’re
Feeling Any Of This, It’s No Accident…

The fact that you’re feeling this growing sense of dissatisfaction, and the yearning to become all that you truly are, is clear a sign that you’re on the cusp of one of the most significant turning points of your life.

You are on the verge of making the momentous leap, where your deepest motivations are shifting from what the renowned developmental psychologist Abraham Maslow called “self-esteem” needs to “self-actualization” needs.

If you’re experiencing any of this, it’s a clear sign that you are one of the many people from across the world that are now undergoing a powerful shift.

You are now ready to consciously engage with the process of self-actualization.

And the truth is, not only are you ready, you simply must… not only for yourself but for our world.

As Abraham Maslow States In His Book “Towards A Psychology Of Being”,

The impulse of self-actualization is a deep and fundamental human need, for the rare few that reach it. It is not simply a luxury or another superficial desire that we should brush off too lightly.

According to Maslow, if we ignore or repress this inner call to self-actualization, it will eventually pathologize into neurosis and psychological dysfunction.

It can cause malaise, depression, and an underlying sense of disease. Instead of becoming all that you are inherently capable of being, you instead begin a slow and painful decline into a corrupted, neurotic, and inferior version of yourself.

It doesn’t matter how nice your house is, how much money is in your bank account, what kind of car you drive, how much fun your social life is, or how successful your career is… if you don’t address your self-actualization needs, nothing will deeply fulfill you.

The good news is, that at this time in time in history, there are millions of people around the world undergoing this process too.

Fortunately, there’s also a tremendous amount of research about what you’re going through, and remarkable tools and insights that can help you along the way.

What is Self-Actualization

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably already heard about the concept of self-actualization. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is taught in high schools and universities, and it is common knowledge in the academic world.

Every human grows through this hierarchy of needs, and when their needs are sufficiently met at one stage they move to the next.

We all begin with physiological needs, the need for food, water, warmth, and shelter, then we move up from there, to safety needs, belongingness needs, and esteem needs.

Finally, at the highest level, once all of our earlier needs are satisfied, we switch from “deficiency needs” to “being needs”. This is the shift into the impulse for self-actualization, and this is truly the beginning of our new lives discovering what it means to be fully human.

In A Theory of Human Motivation Dr. Abraham Maslow, professor of psychology at Cornell University, describes your need for self-actualization.

“The need for self-actualization. — Even if all [the earlier] needs are satisfied, we may still often (if not always) expect that a new discontent and restlessness will soon develop, unless the individual is doing what he is fitted for. A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he is to be ultimately happy.

What one can be, they must be. This need we may call self-actualization… the desire for self-fulfillment, namely, to the tendency for him or her to become actualized in what he or she is potentially. This tendency might be phrased as the desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming.

The specific form that these needs will take will of course vary greatly from person to person. In one individual it may take the form of the desire to be an ideal mother, in another it may be expressed athletically, and in still another it may be expressed in painting pictures or in inventions.

The clear emergence of these needs rests upon prior satisfaction of the physiological, safety, love and esteem needs. We shall call people who are satisfied in these needs, basically satisfied people, and it is from these that we may expect the fullest (and healthiest) creativeness.”

If reading this description resonates with you then you are on the precipice of a tremendous shift.

You are witnessing not just a shift in your own life, but in the entire world.

As Maslow’s research observed in 1943, the presence of self-actualizing people was extremely rare. But we’re beginning to witnessing a profound shift in consciousness across the planet. Researchers are identifying a massive leap that is under way. We are witnessing the birth of this new stage at a much larger scale than has ever happened before. Somewhere between 5% and 10% of the population of North America is entering into this stage. That’s between 30 – 50 million people in one continent alone.

And this is not only good news for you, this is good for the world.

It may seem abstract to imagine it, but to get a sense of what this really means, please read the list below of the qualities of Self Actualized People, that Maslow outlines in his research.

This is from a research paper published by Abraham Maslow Deficiency motivation and growth motivation (1955):

So far as motivational status is concerned, healthy people have sufficiently gratified their basic needs for safety, belongingness, love, respect and self-esteem so that they are motivated primarily by trends to self-actualization (defined as ongoing actualization of potentials, capacities and talents, as fulfillment of mission (or call, fate, destiny, or vocation), as a fuller knowledge of, and acceptance of, the person’s own intrinsic nature, as an unceasing trend toward unity, integration or synergy within the person).

These healthy people are defined by describing their
clinically observed characteristics. These are:

They have a superior perception of reality
They are more objective and less influenced by their conditioning.
They have an increased sense of autonomy and individuality
They experience a greater sense of agency and responsibility for their life.
They are comfortable being themselves
They don’t try to conform or seek approval from others.
They have better interpersonal relationships
They are better at listening, understanding and communicating with others.
They have increased identification with humanity
They don't limit their identity with one particular race or culture.
They are more creative and innovative
They have greater access to creativity and spontaneity.
They cultivate their unique skills & talents
They work toward excellence in what is important to them.
Live on purpose with a sense of mission
Their work is an important personal cause that they take great pride in.
They have a higher frequency of peak experiences
The have easier access to the flow states and spend more time in peak experiences.
Constantly moving towards unity and integration
They synthesize all information into a deeper understanding.
They have better interpersonal relationships
They are better at listening, understanding and communicating with others.
Constantly moving towards unity and integration
They synthesize all information into a deeper understanding.

And These 10 Qualities Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg...

Can you imagine if you and millions of others were consciously
engaged in the process of self-actualization
and living their lives at this level?

How would your life be different? How would our society look?

And, if you are, in fact, feeling this growing impulse to self-actualize, where would you even begin?

Would you study meditation and/or spirituality? Would you try to get in shape? Would you focus on leadership development? The list could go on and on…

You may have already tried some of those, and realize by now that there is no one size fits all solution.

There is an overwhelming amount of options, and very little clarity on what actually would serve your individual evolution the most.

What are you, yes YOU, even capable of?

And that question leads the most challenging truth of all. Unless you become aware of the full-spectrum of your potentials, you simply cannot develop them.

Your unconscious blind spots and biases will continue to get in your way.

Most of us have a hard time actualizing our higher potentials because, as you will soon discover, they are far more vast and varied than we realize.

There is so much more to being human than most people imagine, and if you’re like 95% of the world, most of it exists just beyond the periphery of your perception. It’s not even on your radar as something that you could begin to cultivate.

It’s like you’re trying navigating the world with only a paper map of your hometown. The only possibilities that are open to you, are the possibilities that you’re already aware exist. But there’s a whole world of potential out there. And most of it, is outside of your current awareness.

But the good news is, that after thousands of years of human inquiry and research, we’re finally beginning to piece together a more complete picture of what actualizing our higher potentials really means.

And, we’ve discovered some powerful new insights, tools and practices to help us accelerate this transformational process.

The Power of Your
Mental Operating System

Your mental OS is the sum total of the mental models that you use to navigate your world. Your brain (“hardware”) is a powerful tool. It’s the most complex, densely ramified object in the known universe. But in order for it to function it needs mental models (“software”) of the world.

What are mental models, our cognitive software? They are the conceptual tools we use to make complex information simple, understandable and useful.

Here’s a perfect example. You are reading this page using a mental model, it’s called the alphabet. It’s 26 unique shapes – we call letters, that represent certain sounds that we can make with our mouths. When you see these shapes, the mental software goes to work, instantly translating these shapes into spoken words, and then into a narrative of meaning.

When the alphabet was first spreading, most people that didn’t understand it. Some thought it was a form of magic. Thousands of years ago it was an almost superhuman ability to be able to read and write. And to those who couldn’t, it was otherworldly to see someone translate these abstract symbols into coherent and profound meaning.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t read or write? What would not be available to you?

There are over 100,000 words in the English language, and one simple tool makes all of those accessible to you.

Letters, those 26 symbols, probably change everything about how you interact with life. You can read the words of thinkers from 2,000 years ago, or social media post from a couple hours ago, thanks to this one simple mental model.

And that’s just ONE mental model.

There’s numbers, clocks, calendars, cardinal directions, maps, musical notation, colors theory, and on and on. These mental models change how we see and experience life. They open us to new realities and change what is possible.

Every time you install a new mental model, you update your operating system. The more effective and useful the mental model is, the more profound of an impact it has on your perception.

What makes these models so powerful is that they are psychoactive.

What Does Psychoactive Mean?

An effective mental model is so powerful, because it functions like software. It changes how our mind functions. It changes how we perceive the information around us, the choices we make, and how we live. And it does this in the background, without us having to try. If you fully install it once, then it functions forever.

To illustrate this concept further let’s take a closer look at the alphabet again. You don’t have to re-learn the alphabet every day. You’re not trying to read. It just happens. And it happens, because the software is psychoactive. It instantly translates the shapes in front of you into words which then trigger a sense of meaning.

This happens with every useful mental model. Every time you install a new mental model, you upgrade your operating system.

One remarkable has dedicated his life to piecing together a comprehensive framework and system of how human beings evolve and develop towards self-actualization.

His name is Ken Wilber.

Your Guide: Ken Wilber

Renowned Contemporary Philosopher
& Creator Of Actualize OS

While millions of people throughout history have contributed to our understanding of our higher potentials, one man has dedicated his life to making this information accessible to us all.

He’s dedicated the last 50 years, researching and synthesizing this incredible array of information, from every culture and period in history, into an elegant system that illuminates what is possible for every human being.

Who is Ken Wilber?

Ken Wilber, renowned author, teacher and the creator of Actualize OS , is the world’s most celebrated contemporary philosopher.

As a pioneering thought leader in developmental psychology, depth psychology, systems theory, and integrative thinking he has dedicated his life to understanding the mysteries of the human condition and bringing the transformative insights and practices of the world’s great wisdom traditions into the modern world.

Author of over 30 books, which have been translated into more than 25 languages, Ken’s revolutionary insights have transformed the lives of millions of people around the world. His monumental research impacts our understanding of human psychology, medicine, politics, business and virtually every domain of human enterprise.

According to acclaimed author and democratic presidential candidate, Marianne Williamson, “Ken is a teachers of teachers”.

Bill Clinton has praised his work as “brilliant” and renowned personal development expert Tony Robbins calls him a “genius” with “a desire to serve humanity that is virtually unmatched”.

Whole Foods founder and C.E.O, John Mackey has said, Ken’s ideas have “transformed” his life” and therefore have transformed Whole Foods Market.”

As an author Ken is best known for his books, “A Theory of Everything,” “A Brief History of Everything,” “The Spectrum of Consciousness” and his opus, “Sex, Ecology, and Spirituality.”

Referred to by some as “the Einstein of consciousness” and the “Plato of our time,” Ken is likely to be remembered alongside the great thinkers of both Eastern and Western philosophy and developmental psychology as one of the most significant thinkers who has ever lived.

Ken is currently focused on writing new books and distilling his life’s work into the most direct and essential training to-date, Actualize OS.

Introducing the Actualize OS

With a deep passion for serving humanity and the actualization of our individual and collective potentials, Ken and his team at Sacred Media have spent the last 5 years working on the most effective and transformative training to accelerate this process.

We call it Actualize OS.

This powerful new 10-part training has been designed from the ground up to teach the essential tools, information, and practices that you’ll need to upgrade your mental operating system, understand the full spectrum of your potentials, and greatly accelerate your journey towards all that you are capable of being.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how you can fulfill your potential in this lifetime, this is one of the most effective ways you can do it.

Self-actualization is a deeply personal journey, so, before you begin, you’ll need the best possible map of your potentials currently available. You’ll need an internal “GPS” that shows you everything you are capable of so that you can chart your own unique path towards the greatest possible version of yourself.

The Actualize OS expands your human operating system with five new software installations (mental models) that psycho-actively change they way you think. In addition to the 5 mental models you’ll be guided through a series of “Activations”, transformative practices and exercises that further accelerate your development though the process.

These 5 mental models, just like the alphabet, calendars, cardinal directions and so on, only need to be “installed” once, and then they forever change the way you experience reality. They fundamentally open the horizon of what’s possible for your life and give a real-time inner dashboard of your progress towards full self-actualization.

If you have a sincere desire to cultivate all the full spectrum of your potential, Actualize OS is the most effective training currently available to help you with that process.

With Actualize Os You Will Learn:

How to identify where you currently are in your own journey of self-actualization

How to identify and best leverage your core strengths

How to illuminate your developmental weakness to work with and transform

The hidden potentials that are outside of your awareness and how to activate them

Where you need to cultivate and develop new habits to optimize your growth

How to understand yourself, others and our world in an empowering new way

How every person you know grows and develops and how you can support them

The 10 Module Actualize OS Training

Initialization Module:
Upgrading Your Operating System

Access And Explore Your Human Operating System To Initiate The Process of Upgrading Your Awareness



In this opening session Ken introduces some important concepts that will lay the foundation for the Actualize OS framework and prepare you for the in-depth training modules that will begin in the next week with Installation 1: Accelerating Your Evolution.

In this session Ken speaks about what Actualize potential means, how to cultivate our true greatness, and what neuroplasticity means for your own developmental evolution.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Loading Module Introduction
  2. Encountering Your Greatness
  3. A Radical New Stage of Human Development
  4. Exploring the Terrain of Your Full Spectrum Potentials
  5. Accessing Higher Levels of Development to Accelerate Your Growth
  6. Engaging with the Actualize Operating System
  7. Neuroplasticity and Expanding Your Perspective
  8. Reorienting and Retraining Your Default Operating System
  9. Weekly Practice: Taking on the Role of Other
  10. Loading Module Conclusion

Installation 1:
Accelerating Your Evolution

Install a technology for your mind to illuminate the full spectrum of your development, catalyze growth and enrich your understanding of yourself, others and the world



In this session you’ll discover the scientifically validated process of growth and development that all humans evolve through.

When you fully install this simple yet powerful mental model you will have the ability to understand world events as well as personal life events and your relationships in a powerful new way. You’ll improve your ability to understand the worldview others, how it contrasts with your own, as well as large scale developmental paradigms that influence our collective reality. The world will start making much more sense.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Installation Module Introduction
  2. Introduction to Levels
  3. Tools for Growth
  4. The Backbone of Development
  5. Exploring the Levels
  6. The 1st and 2nd Levels
  7. Infancy to Adulthood: the Magic-Mythic Levels
  8. The Amber-Mythic Stage of Development
  9. New Levels Define the Modern Era
  10. The Radical Emergence of 2nd Tier
  11. An Integral Tipping Point
  12. Accelerating Your Evolution
  13. The Path of Transformation
  14. 4 Important Steps
  15. Weekly Practice: Embracing the Full-Spectrum

Installation 2:
Activating Your Multiple Intelligences

Illuminate the full spectrum of your skills, talents and abilities to cultivate your true greatness and live your life at the highest level



In this training you’ll explore the second essential framework of the Actualize OS for understanding your “multiple intelligences” and how they evolve through the 8 levels of development.

As you’ll discover in this installation, all human beings have many different “lines” of potential inherent in them, laying dormant, waiting to be cultivated. When you begin to understand the primary lines of intelligence that are already within you, you can begin to consciously cultivate the ones that are most important to you.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction to Lines of Development
  2. Many Kinds of Intelligence
  3. Lines Develop Through Levels
  4. The Willpower Line of Development
  5. Is an Intelligence the Same as a Skill?
  6. Exploring the Cognitive Line of Development
  7. Solving the Great Problems of Our Time
  8. Emotional Development Versus Cognitive Development?
  9. 10,000 Hours of Practice
  10. Installation 2 Conclusion
  11. 4 Important Steps
  12. Weekly Practice: Activating Your Full-Spectrum Potential

Installation 3:
Awakening Your Higher States of Consciousness

Explore your five primary states of consciousness to awaken your highest potentials and discover the dimensions of who you really are



In this third Installation of the Actualize Operating System, Ken introduces us to the five essential states in the spectrum of consciousness.

Beginning with shedding light on the familiar waking state and progressing through ever more subtle experiences of consciousness, Ken takes the listener on a journey to explore some of the most profound potential experiences a human being can have, including a pointing out of the non-dual state.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction to States of Consciousness
  2. Our Pathway to Transcendence
  3. The Gross, Subtle, Causal, Witness and Non-Dual States
  4. Progressing Toward Enlightenment: A Profound Shift in Perspective
  5. Growing Up and Waking Up
  6. The Comprehensive Nature of the Actualize OS 
  7. Becoming an Actualized Being
  8. The Benefits of Reaching Higher States of Consciousness
  9. A Perfectly Balanced System
  10. Toward Ever Greater Love, Compassion and Care
  11. On The Struggle Between Science and Spirituality
  12. The Deeply Psychoactive Nature of States
  13. Closing Comments by Program Host
  14. The Non-Dual State: a Guided Experiential Contemplation with Ken
  15. 4 Important States
  16. Weekly Practice: Accessing Your Multidimensional States

Installation 4:
Accessing the Unique Power of Your Typology

Discover the underlying drives and impulses of your personality and sexuality so that you can optimize your life to leverage your unique gifts and abilities



In the forth Installation of the Actualize Operating System, Ken introduces us to Types and Drives. Here, we delve into how to identify and maximize the potentials of our inherent nature as well as the more complex aspects of who we are, such as our predilections and natural abilities.

Ken also introduces us to some of the essential “drives” shared by all humans and indeed all of life. Understanding how to identify and work with our unique typologies and drives is crucial to fine tuning our development and maximizing the results of the Actualize OS.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction to Types and Drives
  2. Understanding the Uniqueness of Your Nature
  3. Finding Yourself in the Actualize OS
  4. What are Personality Types and How Do They Work?
  5. How Do We Use Types to Achieve Our Fully Potential?
  6. Are There Masculine and Feminine Types?
  7. Types in Men and Women: Agency and Communion
  8. Drives in Men and Women: Eros and Agape
  9. The Higher Evolution of Masculine and Feminine
  10.  What Does an Actualized Relationship Look Like?
  11. Using Types to Propel Our Actualized Development
  12. Closing Comments by Host and Upcoming Events
  13. 4 Important Steps
  14. Weekly Practices: Accessing the Innate Power of Your Typology

Installation 5:
Activating Your Multidimensional Perception

Expand your perception to reveal the four fundamental dimensions of reality, so that you can perceive the full spectrum of life and create solutions at a higher level



In this fifth installation of the Actualize OS, Ken describes the four distinct dimensions that make up all of our experience.

By understanding these four dimensions, which are distinct domains of truth, we can clearly see how they impact and influence our daily life.

When we are able to consciously integrate all four dimensions into our awareness, we perceive ourselves and our world in a truly holistic way, and are able to rise above the blind spots and biases that keep us from reaching our full potential.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction to Awakening Your 4-D Vision
  2. What Are The Quadrants or Why are They Important?
  3. How Does Each of the Four Quadrants Affect the way We See the World?
  4. What Happens When We See the World in All Four Quadrants?
  5. Can Seeing in all Four Quadrants Help Us Find our True Purpose in Life?
  6. How Does our Life Purpose Shift as Our Perspective Grows?
  7. The Power of Collective Unity in Action
  8. Energizing the Psychoactive Map With 4-D Vision
  9. Changing the World with 4-D Vision
  10. Closing Comments and Upcoming Events
  11. 4 Important Steps
  12. Weekly Practice: Awakening Your 4-D Vision

Activation 1:
Cultivating Your Whole Body

Discover the three essential aspects of your human body so that you can express the full range of you physical, subtle and causal abilities



In this module Ken illuminates the framework for understanding and cultivating three primary bodies that every human being has within them.

Our bodies are our energetic vehicles in this life. They are our anchors in the world and our responsibility from birth to death and beyond. Each body supports a different state of being and consciousness.

Taking care of ourselves in large part means taking care of our body and in this first Application module, Ken takes us through all three primary aspects of our body: the gross, the causal and the subtle, and offers his insight and personal advice on how to care for and continually develop ourselves in our physical form.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction to the First Application Module
  2. Identitifying and Developing Our Three Bodies
  3. The Proper Care and Development of Our Gross Physical Body
  4. Cultivating Yoga, T’ai Chi and Tying the Subtle Body to the Physical Body
  5. How Do We Identify, Access and Developing Our Causal Body?
  6. Cultivating Our Optimum Health and Wellness In All Three Bodies
  7. Attaining Your Self-Actualized Body
  8. Closing Comments and Upcoming Events with Program Host
  9. 4 Important Steps
  10. Weekly Practices: Breathing the Microcosmic Orbit

Activation 2:
Shadow Vision

Illuminate the hidden influences and blind spots that sabotage your development and hold you back from achieving the highest visions for yourself and your life



This week Ken sheds new light on one of the most important and misunderstood aspects of personal and spiritual development, known as ‘Shadow’.

Hidden deep beneath our conscious personality are layers of repressed energy — energy that can inhibit our development by causing us to avoid aspects of our experience or by encouraging damaging addictions.

This trapped life energy is called Shadow, and in this powerful Application 2, Ken brings to the surface how Shadow is formed, the effects it can have, how we can identify our own Shadow and what we can do to reveal our own trapped energies and transform them in the light of our potential.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction to Shadow Vision
  2. Allergies and Addictions
  3. How Do We Identify Our Own Shadow?
  4. What Powers the Shadow and How Does it Affect us?
  5. Common Addictions and Their Disruptive Effects
  6. Healing Our Shadow: The 3-2-1 Practice
  7. Reclaiming Our Fundamental Power
  8. Transforming Your Shadow Into Light
  9. Freeing Your Consciousness for Higher Development
  10. Beyond the Individual: Addressing the Collective Shadow
  11. A Daily Practice for Reclaiming Our Shadow
  12. Closing Comments and Upcoming Events
  13. 4 Important Steps
  14. Weekly Practice: The 3-2-1 Shadow Process

Activation 3:
Activating Your Inner Tech

Discover the full range of inner technology that will open you to entirely new realms of power, energy, vision and fulfillment in your life



In Application 3 Ken illuminates some of the most important and foundational practices of personal and spiritual development: meditation and inner technologies.

The culmination of the Actualize OS program is in its implementation. In this penultimate module, Ken introduces “Inner Tech” — the practices, methods and strategies that will help you combine all the different facets of the Actualize OS into a singularly powerful path of personal and collective transformation.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduction to Inner Tech
  2. Becoming The Witness – Guided Meditation with Ken
  3. Realize Your Ultimate Potential By Realizing Who You Really Are
  4. The Power of Ultimate Cross Training
  5. Spiritual Technology and Brain State Training
  6. Closing Comments and Upcoming Events
  7. 4 Important Steps
  8. Weekly Practice: Apply the Actualize OS to Daily Life

The Actualization Module:
Actualizing the Greatest Version of You

Integrate all the installation and applications of the Actualize OS in your direct experience to discover the full spectrum version of yourself



This very special finale for the Actualize Operating System concludes in a truly unique, powerful and ceremonious way, enabling you to be fully grounded in your new higher capacities and setting the stage for how you can live an extraordinary life.

In this epic final training of the Actualize OS Ken will take you on a far reaching journey into and beyond everything that you’ve learned and experienced over the past 10 weeks.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Welcome to Actualization Module
  2.  Introduction to the Actualization Module with Ken Wilber
  3. Part I: Recapping the Actualize OS
  4. Recapping the AOS: Levels
  5. Recapping the AOS: Lines
  6. Recapping the AOS: States
  7. Recapping the AOS: Types
  8. Recapping the AOS: Quadrants
  9. Recapping the AOS: Bodies
  10. Recapping the AOS: Shadow
  11. Recapping the AOS: Inner Tech
  12. Part II: Where do we go from here? How to take the Actualize OS further
  13. Part III: Activating the Actualize OS
  14. Activating the AOS: Flight Plan and System Check
  15. Activating the AOS: Navigating the World of Forms and Appearances
  16. Activating the AOS: Breaking Free Means Including Everything But
  17. Activating the AOS: Transcendence and Ultimate Freedom
  18. 4 Important Steps
  19. Weekly Practice: Apply the AOS to Daily Life

What Thought Leaders Are Saying

“Ken Wilber is a genius…”

“Ken Wilber is a genius… I don’t think there is a human being alive that has developed a more comprehensive theory of life, psychology & spirituality.”

World Renowned Transformation Expert
& Self Mastery Trainer

“Ken Wilber is a teacher of the teachers…”

“Ken Wilber is a teacher of the teachers. His work is fundamental. Who among us can really take a serious role (in our individual and collective evolution) who are not familiar with his work?”

Author, Teacher & 2020 Presidential Candidate

Your ideas have transformed my life and Whole Foods…”

“You’ve had an amazing impact on my own life. You’ve also had an impact on so many. Your ideas have transformed my life and therefore I can say it has transformed Whole Foods Markets. It’s had a huge impact on the way I think about our business, our culture and the way I lead. You truly are a great man!

Founder of Whole Foods Markets

What Students Are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below:

The Actualize Operating System is a 10-week online training program. Each week a new teaching segment and Q&A session from Ken will become available. The physical collection are shipped at the end of the 10 week online training has completed.

To further complement the core training that you will receive over the 10 weeks, there will be 10+ bonus teachings from a world class roster of experts, taking everything you’ll be learning to an even deeper level. Weekly assignments, practices and exercises will be a part of the program. Hey, we are talking about becoming the greatest possible version of YOU, active participation is required!

You will need Internet access, and some type of computer, tablet, or smartphone to get you online. Other than this, the course provides you with everything else you need, including a built-in notepad so you can keep continuous and safe notes during the course. You will also need to spend at least 60-90 minutes per week to download the primary teaching from Ken.

Additional assignments and exercises are very much a part of this offering, but most of these can be practiced while as you are simply ‘living your life’. Expect to have the installations and applications on your mind constantly during these 10 weeks, and beyond. This is a transformative process, and the more you are open to it, the more you practice it, the more ‘psychoactive’ it becomes, illuminating and activating the dormant potentials within you!

Our online and mobile learning format is ideal for a busy person ‘on-the-go’. You can download or stream the weekly training and Q&A events as soon as they are released.

Additionally, we have designed our online membership platform so that all the training materials will work beautifully on your tablet, smart phone or mobile device, making it super easy to learn on the go and make the most of this training in the midst of your busy life.

This course ALONE will not make you self-actualized. Not any more than learning alphabet would make make you a famous author, lyricist, poet, or anything with the written word. Nobody can become the best version of themselves in 10 weeks (that we know about anyway ;). And this operating system won’t change that. Becoming the best version of yourself will require real growth, and that will take time and commitment.

However, this training will give you all of the tools, practices and resources you’ll need to illuminate the full spectrum of your potential and begin to actualize the greatest version of yourself. The rest is up to you.

The Actualize OS will teach you a powerful array of tools, practices and mental models to illuminate the full spectrum of your potentials and show you what is truly possible for your life. You will be able to accurately assess your own development (and the growth of others) and recreate your life in the ways that inspire you the most.

If you integrate and apply these training’s with consistency, you will be able to use these frameworks to create the greatest possible version of your life. You can dramatically improve your career, your finances, your ability to impact the world, your love life, your health and well-being, or whatever dimension you choose to grow in, using the Actualize OS training program to catalyze your development.

In short, this operating system has the power to completely change your life, and give you access to entirely new possibilities that you probably didn’t even know existed. On top of that you become part of a worldwide community of like minds who are supporting each other to reach their highest potential, and make a real difference in the world. What could be better than that?

What Thought Leaders Are Saying

“It is such a gift you give us…”

“Our conversations always flow so easily from the psychological to the personal. You speak in ways that I think about things. You make articulate the idea that philosophy is relevant to our lives. You imagine ways for us to understand the world. It is such a gift you give us.”

Award Winning Screenwriter and Director

“A beacon of light calling us all toward our higher nature…”

“You have had a profoundly enlightening effect on my understanding of the nature of creativity and consciousness and how they are intertwined. The kind of gratitude I feel for your core teaching that has illuminated my own journey of self­ discovery is that I live at a time when such a great beacon of light is shining and calling us all toward our own higher and deeper nature.”

Visionary Artist, Author and Teacher

What Students Are Saying

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The AOS Digital Training Includes:

  • Entire Digital Library
  • Online Learning Platform
  • Over 20 Hours of Training
  • 8 Q&A Calls with Ken
  • Course Materials and Resources

10 Week Training Tuition



The AOS Digital + Physical Training Includes:

  • Lifetime Access!
  • Entire Digital Library
  • Online Learning Platform
  • Over 20 hours of Training
  • 8 Q&A Calls with Ken
  • Physical Box Set with CD’s or USB Drive
  • Exclusive Printed Materials and Resources

10 Week Training Tuition


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